Our vision

At Heist, we believe underwear can be an instrument of progress. While many industries understand our era’s desire for autonomy, choice and freedom, women’s underwear has lagged behind. Effectively, all women are living in underwear inadequate to their time.

We believe that radical innovation in underwear design can ensure that every woman, everyday, is living in underwear that allows her to progress in the way that she demands in every other area of her life. That’s why our designs are built on an understanding of how bodies move, not just how they look.

This approach led us to reimagine the most mundane wardrobe staple, a pair of tights, into a product that redefines superiority in comfort and fit for every female body. We’re now using polymer physics, computational engineering models and 3D knitwear to reinvent the rest of underwear.

Our journey

We may be only two years old, but it’s already been quite a ride. Our first range reinvented the humble pair of tights, delivering 30% month-on-month growth and propelling us into the pages of almost every major European publication. We’re backed by some of the biggest investors in fashion and technology (people like Natalie Massenet) and on a busy day we can sell a pair of tights every 15 seconds. And even our tube adverts caused a scandal. Most importantly, we have tens of thousands of customers who genuinely love Heist and the products we lovingly develop and ship around the world.

Our people

Our diverse team is united by an insatiable appetite for change (industries, technology, customer experience, ourselves) and a desire to create something truly transformative. We’re a close-knit team, so we value self-starters, integrity and that mythical character combination - the humble-high-achiever! If you have a hunger to solve difficult problems, and share our mission to transform women’s underwear, we’d love you to apply.

Nothing open that’s quite right for you? We’re always eager to hear from great people. Please contact jobs@heist-studios.com and we’ll get back to you if there is anything that might be a good fit.

Finally, but importantly: we acknowledge discrimination exists and we categorically abhor it. Whatever gender, race, age, and/or sexuality you are, we’d love you to apply.