Location: Clerkenwell, London.
Salary: £55,000 - £65,000 DoE.
Reporting to: CTO

At Heist, we are changing underwear for good by making products which are radically better than what is already available. Two years ago, we started with tights, and today we sell a pair every 15 seconds. We're now using polymer physics, computational engineering models and 3D knitting to invent our next product.

Our Digital Product Engineering Team are responsible for continuously improving our online retail experience and are frequently found working closely with our Head of Product as well as colleagues from creative, community and operations.

As a team, we work on a range of greenfield and existing projects, typically using React/Redux on the Front End and, primarily, ruby on the Back End for our APIs and internal systems.

We believe in writing modular, pragmatic and well-tested code, and value programmers who have a keen eye for detail, a deep technical understanding of their domain, and a burning desire to be the best at what they do.

We don’t believe in strict boundaries between Front End and Back End Engineers, but do believe that most people tend to gravitate towards one or the other. As such, we are not averse to considering Full Stack candidates, but this is primarily a Front End role for now.

As a Front End Web Engineer, you will be responsible for writing semantic HTML, modular CSS and well-tested JavaScript. Being more specific, you will:

  • Take responsibility for our front-end code base, seeking to improve it with every commit you make and every code review you undertake.
  • Utilise your deep understanding of modern (ES6+) JavaScript development, to craft incredible UI components using React & Redux, backed by mix of GraphQL and RESTful APIs.
  • Write modern, modular CSS that brings our visual identity to life across all browsers and devices while remaining terse and beautifully structured.
  • Work on experimental projects to develop innovative new tools and features that make online shopping more enjoyable.
  • Join with our marketing and content teams to design and implement immersive and engaging brand experiences across multiple platforms.

Your experience

We firmly believe extraordinary people can come from a wide range of places – but we wouldn’t be surprised if the person who gets this role has:

  • Degree-level education (SoftEng, CompSci or design-oriented degree). We will consider candidates who have trained in a ‘coding bootcamp’, provided you can demonstrate your deep understanding of your new domain.
  • At least one year of commercial experience as part of a professional development team working on high quality web applications.
  • A thorough understanding of React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, et al.
  • Evidence that programming is a passion as well as a vocation (interesting experiments in your Github repo, regular attendance at Hackathons or Meetups, and/or some engaging technical writing you’ve published on Medium or on your own blog)
  • Orthogonal interests / personal passions – travel, music, art, film making, writing, dance or whatever it is that gives you joy. Regardless of the actual interest, it is the story of why it matters to you as a person that we'd love to hear.


We are a diverse bunch of people at Heist. That said, there are some characteristics we always look for:

  • You deeply care about Heist’s mission; you have a desire to build something iconic, that will disrupt an industry, and benefit women’s lives.
  • You thrive on challenge and change; you naturally gravitate to the hardest questions first and love thinking differently to solve them.
  • You are biased towards action and you’re happiest when you’re ‘getting stuff done’.
  • You’re open, positive & straightforward. You’re not afraid to stand up for your convictions, even when it’s hard to do so.
  • You delight in your colleagues’ successes and thrive on your failures; you grasp any opportunity for learning and constantly seek to improve.

Our vision

At Heist, we believe underwear can be an instrument of progress. While many industries understand our era’s desire for autonomy, choice and freedom, women’s underwear has lagged behind. Women are living in underwear inadequate to their time and this needs to change.

Radical innovation in underwear design will ensure that every woman, every day, is living in underwear that allows her to progress in the way that she demands in every other area of her life. That’s why our designs are built on an understanding of how bodies move, not just how they look.

Our journey

We may be only two years old, but it’s already been quite a ride. Our reinvention of tights has delivered 30% month-on-month growth and propelled us into the pages of almost every major European publication. We’re backed by some of the biggest investors in fashion and technology, and on a busy day, we sell a pair of tights every 15 seconds. Even our tube adverts caused a scandal (for all the right reasons). Most importantly, we have tens of thousands of customers who genuinely love Heist and the products we develop and ship around the world.